Poll Results

Below are the results of previous polls:

Who would you pay BIG money to see?
Cueto vs. Carpenter (25%)        LaRue vs. Cueto (25%)        Carpenter vs. Mike Tyson (18.75%)        Cueto vs. Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” (18.75%)        LaRue vs. Hulk Hogan (12.5%)        LaRue vs. Hernandez (0%)

Who will be the Cardinals’ fifth starter?
Kyle McClellan (33%)         Blake Hawksworth (33%)          Rich Hill (17%)           Jaime Garcia (17%)          Mitchell Boggs (0%)

How many wins will the Cardinals notch in 2009?
More than 90   (46%)          85-90  (33%)      80-85   (17%)          75-80   (4%)          Less than 75   (0%)

How do you feel about the Cardinals’ 2008 season?
Pleasently Surprised  86%       Great Year!  7%       Disappointed  7%

Who should be the Cardinals’ Closer?
Perez  73%       McClellan  9%       Wainwright  9%       Springer  5%       OTHER  5%       Izzy or Franklin  0%

Your Reaction to the Lack of Moves (at the trade deadline)?
100% Agree   33%       eh…It’s Ok   22%       I feel betrayed   0%       Hulk-like Rage   11%

How should Adam Wainwright be used when he returns?
As a Starter:  93%       Not Ready:  7%      As a Closer:  0%

How should the Cardinals address their pitching needs?
Trade for a LHR:  80%       Promote from AAA:  20%      Trade for a Starter:  0%


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