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UCB Predictions Project: American League

Good morning! We’re back from Florida and ready to dive back into blogging here on Cards ‘N Stuff (well…not really…honestly, I can barely keep my eyes open…but let’s pretend I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed). If you haven’t seen it, yet, check out our first post-trip post by mrsdeckacards by CLICKING HERE (the latest installment of Kim’s Stuff).

Alright…let’s get into it!

Every year, the UCB conducts it’s annual Predictions project. For those of you who have read/heard my recent attempts at Roster Predicting and Predicting the Future, you know that this is a great opportunity for me to further embarrass myself. And you know how much I enjoy doing that…so here we go!

First up this week…American League Predictions (of which I know nothing about).

AL West
I don’t see a lot changing in this division. Even the addition of Albert Pujols in Anaheim won’t be enough to overcome the Rangers. It should fall out like so:

Texas Rangers
LA Angels
Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners

*Potential Surprise: The Mariners might actually climb out of the cellar and catch the Moneyballin’ A’s…but don’t bet on it.

AL Central
This division – with the exception of the Tigers – could look drastically different this season. Mauer and Morneau sluggin’ away, another year of prospect development for the Royals, and a Chi-Sox team that could be a bit better than people are expecting will lead to a churning division. My “fllip of the coin” guess is like so…

Detroit Tigers
Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
Kansas City Royals

My apologies to Royals fans, but I just expect the entire division – a division that only produced one .500 team last year – to improve. Expect KC to approach .500 ball but not have enough to avoid the caboose in this AL Central train.

** Dogfight Warning! The Sox, Indians, and Twins could end up in a virtual brawl for second place in the division. The best way to predict the 2 through 4 spots in this division might be to throw all the team caps up in the air and let them fall. Ultimately, though…who cares? The only playoff team coming out of this division is the Tigers, anyway.

AL East
Whew…once again, this division is difficult to project. A lot could go wrong or right for all three teams at the top of the standings. But ultimately, the Red Sox’ new management and unwillingness to improve a lacking rotation means the second spot in the division is up for grabs. In fact, if they’re not careful, the Blue Jays could jump up and bite their ankles a bit.

NY Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays
Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
Baltimore Orioles

* Potential Surprise: Don’t be shocked if the Red Sox get beat up a bit while they try to find themselves under a new manager. The wounds from last year’s collapse and subsequent clubhouse scandal may not have had adequate time to heal – and the front office sure didn’t help much by refusing to significantly upgrade a rotation that didn’t have enough in 2011. You could see the Jays grab the third spot in the division and push the Sox to fourth in the East.

Playoff Tidbit:  Our postseason predictions take place later on…but I’ll leave you with this…many fans assumed the announcement of the second Wild Card for 2012 meant the Rays, Yankees, and Red Sox would all finally make the playoffs. But don’t forget…the Angels went out and snagged Pujols and CJ Wilson. I expect the Angels to grab a Wild Card spot and leave the Red Sox out of October baseball for the second straight season.

That’ll do it for today…enjoy reading all of the UCB Predictions by going HERE.




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