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State of the Nation Podcast: Answers, Answers, Answers!

Last week, you heard me bring up a couple questions facing the Cardinals. This week, we try to predict the future and provide some answers. (Hint: Only a few days after writing this post, I’m already considering changing the name to “Watch Me Make a Fool Of Myself!”) So, click the play button to listen to 15 or so minutes of Cards and baseball talk. This week, we cover the following topics:

1. Review of the Week…sort of…
2. What’s going to happen with Chris Carpenter? UPDATE: I already screwed this one up…ugh
3. Will Kyle McClellan get traded?
4. Who will be the 5th outfielder?
5. Who will be Yadi’s back-up?

BONUS: Because I forgot to answer the “What will Tyler Greene do?” question, I’ll do it here…Tyler Greene is going to get a chance to swing his way out of it. He’ll start hitting and regain momentum on the second base job. There…now get to listening!



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