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What Were They Thinking?!

What Were They Thinking?!: Reactions to the UCB Radio Hour

It’s Thursday…and you know what that means! Or maybe you don’t…since, you know…this is new. Wanna’ guess…? Oh, okay…I’ll tell you.

It’s time for WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!…otherwise known as Reactions to the UCB Radio Hour by Cards ‘N Stuff. In this post, I simply share my reactions to what the guys and gals of the UCB discussed on the previous evening’s UCB Radio Hour…which, of course, will be interesting because I was on the UCB Radio Hour last night.

Ah well…a little egomania never hurt anyone, right? (Except for invasive dictators and Democrats…hehe)

So here we go! If you missed out on UCB Radio Hour last night, no problem! You can CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW!

1. The Intro: What a couple of tools! Who is that “Kevin” guy?! He sounds like a real dork. (ahem…that’s me)

2. About My Intro and Ozzie: I can’t tell you how much Ozzie Smith means to me as a baseball fan. He really opened up the game of baseball to me…and with it, the wonderful world of Cardinal Nation. When I was in Little League, I distinctly remember selling enough raffle tickets to win a box of baseball cards and $50. I immediately demanded my parents drive me to Tenth Inning Sports, the local card shop, and help me purchase the mint condition Ozzie Smith, 1979 Topps rookie card. I remember being so confused as to why he was wearing a Padres uniform…but it was beautiful. It’s wonderful seeing Ozzie back in the fold in Spring Training. It’s like my childhood has come full circle again.

3. The Shane Robinson Interview: It was interesting talking to Shane because he just seems so genuine and sincere about his experience. Most of the interview revolved around his collision and where he was at in his recovery. I was shocked at just how much he was injured by simply colliding in the outfield. At one point, he held up his hand – I believe it was his left hand – and showed us he literally could not fully make a fist with that hand yet. Then he talked about having to re-learn how to hit with a hand so significantly injured. He discussed Mo’s genuine concern and how Mo even talked closely with him about moving up and down from AA and AAA during his recovery – in many ways, just to help Shane get going in a familiar, Springfield environment. His story was truly interesting, but I never fully found out just why it was that we were alone in the interview room with him.

4. Regarding Paul’s Book: There just are not enough stories told about baseball from the fan’s perspective. Baseball, perhaps unlike any other sport, is a fan’s game. It’s about loyalty, passion, and perseverance…and that should be shown in Baseball’s best medium, the written word. Glad Paul was inspired to go that direction. I sometimes wonder…if the fan of Baseball was better represented, would the system be so dramatically “broken”, as TLR describes it?

5. Messin’ with the Lights: How hilarious…when Paul all but accused TLR and Cardinal Nation of pulling a Major League 3 and messing with the lights, I thought Chris was going to lose it! I think he actually went into a laughter-induced coughing fit! My thoughts…Hey, whatever it takes to win, man. Whatever it takes.

6. About Seeking Out Stories of Long-Time Baseball Fans: Don’t pass these opportunities by. When I was fresh out of high school, I had a job at a bookstore in Joplin, MO. Around that time, Mickey Mantle died and a close friend of his published a book about the great Yankee outfielder. We had this friend in our store for a book signing – remember, Mickey was from Oklahoma and very near our area – and to this day, I kick myself for not spending the afternoon by his side and hearing baseball stories about Mickey. It was an opportunity to hear things from a man who possessed knowledge “of” – not just about, but “of” – baseball in a different era. I missed out. I won’t miss out again.

7. About Spring Training Excitement Over the Next Few Weeks: Can I just be the guy to say it? I’m freaking out over Chris Carpenter! The sooner that dude gets to take the mound and get a clean bill of health, the better. I would really love it if Carp dominated and never looked back…but it just feels like a bump in the road is coming. Guess we’ll see…


That’ll do it for the first time…hopefully future versions of WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! will be a bit more substantial…you know…when I’m not trying to add to my own opinions ;). But until then…


P.S. It should not be forgotten that Chris Mallonee saw Money Ball twice in one week. TLR would not approve.


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