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Review: 2011 World Series Highlight Film 2-Disc Set


That’s the word that came to mind as I watched Game 6 coverage on the 2011 World Series Highlight Film. Simply beautiful.

You know how you play back great sporting events in your mind, reliving amazing memories over and over again? There’s a symphony-like soundtrack playing in the background, every so often a player shifts into slow motion just so you can better appreciate the moment, and cleverly inserted clips and stories pop up out of nowhere to enhance the whole experience.

That’s exactly what watching this highlight film is like for a Cardinals fan.

Intimately narrated by St. Louis native and Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, the story of the 2011 Comeback Cardinals is emotional, dramatic, and exactly as you’ll remember it in twenty years. You may even hear Hamm in your head as you stand in front of the fireplace and tell your grandchildren about David Freese’s big game and Albert Pujols’ three home runs…or Carp’s start on 3-days rest in Game 7.

This feature length film captures all the drama of the Cardinals’ season – from Spring Training hopes and dreams to in-season injuries and letdowns – it tells the complete story of the 2011 Cardinals. But as it nears the beginning of the postseason run, the film slows down and carefully unpacks each playoff moment (NLDS, NLCS, and WS) with insights and clips that drove the Cardinals through October. Climaxing with the epic Game 6 of the World Series and wrapping it all up with Carp’s performance in Game 7, you’ll see every significant moment perfectly nestled within the context of the Cardinals’ unpredictable season.

I have to admit, when the redbirds won the Series in 2006, I received the complete World Series DVD set as a gift and thought, “What else do I need? I got it all right here!” I had seen the highlight film on shelves back then, but I thought there was nothing it could offer me that I didn’t already have in the full set. After watching the 2011 highlight film, I realized just how wrong I was. Now, I desperately want the 2006 highlight film to complete my collection. Trust me…you don’t want to try and buy this 2011 film in five years. Get it now while it’s a simple click away. Ebay is not your friend.

Still not convinced? Not a problem. I have just the thing. Are you ready? Are you sure? ‘Cause this is big. I mean…look…if the greatness of any DVD set is measured by the “bonus features” that come with it, then this could be one of the greatest DVD sets of all time.

Okay…here we go. The 2011 World Series Highlight Film DVD Set comes with a special surprise…a second disc that includes one thing and one thing only – Every inning of Game 5 of the NLDS.

Yes! That’s it! The very game that saw Carp vs. Halladay in Philly for all the marbles! The game that saw friend against friend in an amazing 1-0 pitcher’s duel for the ages! It’s all there – every pitch, every run (all “1” of them), every agonizing moment as your hometown Cardinals cling to a 1 run lead for 9 innings – the complete game on a bonus DVD!

Oh, but that’s not all. The actual “Bonus Features” section of the first disc is littered with brief documentaries on Lance Berkman and Tony LaRussa, a clip from the Game 6 post-game press conference with Berkman and Freese, and much, much more!

The wonderful people at A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions have really outdone themselves. They have created a truly memorable rendition of the Cardinals’ postseason run by blending the magic and romanticism of the moment with actual game footage from multiple angles and perspectives.

But…as great as this DVD set is – especially for the price – there’s always room for improvement, right?! So, here are a few suggestions for the 2012 Cardinals World Series Highlight Film 😉

  1. Audio Commentary:  How cool would it be to hear Carp and Halladay chattin’ it up during Game 5 of the NLDS as they watch each other spin curveball after curveball, face hitter after hitter, etc.? Heck…give ‘em the remote and let them rewind, pause, and slow it down to give themselves every opportunity to unpack every moment as it unfolds in front of them. In sporting event DVDs, the value of player/manager audio commentary is greatly underestimated.
  2. Longer Bonus Clips:  The Game 6 press conference clip is great…but there was so much more! As a fan, I always want more, and the excellence of this DVD production only makes it worse. How about giving us the press conference in its entirety? That was such an emotional game that I felt like I needed much more to properly come to terms with it.
  3. More Regular Season Stuff:  One thing the highlight film can do that no other DVD set can do is incorporate moments from the 2011 regular season and truly chronicle the Cardinals path to the postseason. Let’s see more of that. By just adding fifteen or twenty more minutes of coverage, you could really flesh out the ups and downs of the season by focusing on multiple key games.

Okay, that’s all I got. Just three suggestions. And let’s face it, for the price, it’s pretty difficult to pack anymore into this set.

Don’t miss out like I did in 2006. Grab your copy now!


Oh…and in case you missed the first two links 🙂 CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!


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