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World Series Dreams…

 As a boy, my dream was to play in the World Series. As an adult, my dream is to go to the World Series in Busch Stadium. And now…tomorrow…I get to go to Game 1…with Chris Carpenter on the mound for the Cardinals. A dream come true.

And it now occurs to me that every true baseball fan fantasizes (maybe it’s not “fanatic…maybe it’s fantasy”?) about great moments in the World Series…playing in them, watching them…etc. Baseball is unlike any other sport because it is about story…a nine inning narrative that unfolds over 3 hours in which any and all things can and will happen in dramatic fashion. When the game is over, fans aren’t talking about the score…or the big play…they’re talking about the story. The story of the game and the context of those plays. In some small way, I think we are able to share in the narrative…to play a role…by talking about it, reliving it…relishing it.

So…I thought it would be fun to share at least one of those fantasy moments as I look ahead to what promises to be a memorable series. I call it, “Jason Motte Saves the Day.” Please, feel free to use the Comments section to share your own fantasy moments for this World Series. How will it end? What will be the big play? In your wildest World Series Dreams, how does the narrative play out for you?

Jason Motte Saves the Day

John Rooney (JR): “And as we rejoin Game 6 of this best of 7 series in Busch Stadium, the Cardinals are clinging to a one run lead here in the 7th inning. The bases are loaded…two outs…Josh Hamilton at the plate…Mitchell Boggs has entered the game for Tony La Russa. With the Cardinals leading the series 3 games to 2, the World Series trophy could very well come down to this at-bat, Mike.”

Mike Shannon (Mike): “Hehe…I think you may be right, John. And look at the ‘ol manager in that dugout…hehe…boy he sure is pacin’, ain’t he? He’s just chompin’ at the bit!”

JR: “He sure is, Mike…and I can gaurantee you, no one in this stadium is more anxious than Tony La Russa is right now. And here’s the first pitch for Hamilton…low and outside…ball 1. You just know Boggs is not who Tony would like to have out there, but with Garcia only lasting 2 innings, only Boggs, Motte, and McClellan are left in the ‘pen for the Cardinals.”

Mike: “And it looks like Tony has Jason Motte throwing in the ‘pen now…maybe backin’ up Boggs if he lets this inning get away from him.”

JR: “Or just preparing to pitch the 8th if Mitchell can get Hamilton to hit into an out…the 1-0 pitch…ball…just a bit outside. It seems Boggs doesn’t want anything to do with Josh Hamilton.”

Mike: “Yeah, but he’s gonna’ have to give him somethin’ to look at…otherwise, the Rangers are gonna’ tie this game up on a bases loaded walk. And look at Jason Motte in that bullpen! He’s jumpin’ up and down…he looks ready to go right now!”

JR: “Boy he sure does, Mike…he looks like he’s ready to spit fire. He really wants in this game…but I don’t think there’s any way Tony brings him in now…with 2 outs in the 7th and a possible Game 7 tomorrow, there’s just too many innings for the ‘pen to cover in this series. The 2-0 pitch…another ball, this one high and away. And now, Boggs is in trouble as he falls behind to one of the American League’s best RBI producers in Josh Hamilton…he’s going to have to…”

Mike: “Jason Motte has just run out of the bullpen! He’s standing in the outfield, just outside that ‘pen door there, waivin’ his arms like his pants are on fire!”

JR: “And now the home plate umpire sees Motte and calls time! He is not happy about this interruption…and Tony La Russa is livid as he gestures from the top step of the dugout for Motte to get back in the ‘pen.”

Mike: “Yeah…hehe…but Motte’s havin’ none of it. He wants in this game and he wants in right now. And he’s gonna’…OH and there he goes! He’s headin’ for the mound as he waves at Tony to meet him on the hill!”

JR: “I have never seen anything like this, Mike…have you?”

Mike: “Hehe…well…’ol Bob Gibson, he once…”

JR: “And now everyone is joining Motte on the mound for what looks like a very animated discussion. I think Motte is demanding the ball and refusing to leave the mound. He wants in this game right now and he wants this batter.”

Mike: “Hehe…I don’t understand that…the shortstop is out there, the second baseman is out there, the first baseman is out there…everybody’s out there!”

JR: “And now the umpire’s out there to break up this meeting..and there goes Mo…NO! It’s Mitchell Boggs heading into the dugout! Tony has decided to let his closer pitch to Josh Hamilton with a 3-0 count in the 7th!”

Mike: “Well…he’s gonna’ have to throw strikes now, John. That big boy at the plate is swingin’ a big bat, and he can really squat down and wait on his pitch with this 3 and 0 count. *whistles* Whoo eeeee! Ain’t this somethin’, John?”

JR: “It sure is…and now Motte is saying he doesn’t need any warm up tosses! ‘Just get in the box, big boy!’ he says to Hamilton…and Josh looks only too happy to comply.”

Mike: “Mmmm-mmm-mmm…this could be just what the Rangers needed to hang a crooked number on the score board.”

JR:STRIKE one, as Jason Motte rocks and fires a 99 mph fastball right down the heart of the plate! I don’t think Hamilton even saw it!”

Mike: “Hehehe…he means business out there, don’ he?”

JR: “He sure does…and he…STRIKE two! That one at 99 again…and Hamilton swung right through it! And Motte’s yelling at Yadi to give him the ball back! He wants to finish this hitter off…”

Mike: “Yeah…but ‘ol Hamilton’s gonna’ slow him down and ask for a new ball, now…”

JR: “And Jason Motte doesn’t like that one bit, Mike…he tossed the ball back to the home plate umpire, but he never took his eyes off of Hamilton as he glares back into that left-handed batter’s box.”

Mike: “Hehehehe…reminds me of ‘ol Gibby on the mound.”

JR: “And now Motte has a new baseball…a 3-2 count…the umpire is telling Hamilton to get back in the box and quit stalling…and there he goes…now he’s in…and here comes the pitch…STRIKE THREE CALLED! And this one at 101 mph and right down the middle of the plate belt high! And the Cardinals get out of this one with the bases loaded and the Rangers best hitter at the plate!”

(End of the 7th inning…Jason Motte pitches 2 more scoreless 1-2-3 innings…and the Cardinals win their 11th World Series with their 11th postseason win in the year 2011)



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