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“Cardinal,” “Cardinal-ed,” or “Cardinal-ing”…?

Disclaimer: I am an anxious ball of fan-motion (fan + emotion) right now, so please disregard any expectations of excellence you typically bring with you when reading my blog (*giggle*…as if).

Whew…what a ride. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t watch 75% of the games being played right now. Instead, I sit in the living room, smart phone in hand, Game-Day on the screen…and anxiously await graphical updates while my family watches “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure” (my 2-year-old has recently fallen in animated love).


Tonight is gonna’ be fun. I’ll get a late start (I have clients until 7:30), but I’m watchin’ this one, baby. Chris Carpenter…season on the line…win, and we play again…historic comeback at its climax. You bet I’m watchin’…and nerves be damned!

But I should note…this season has made me consider adding a new verb to my vocabulary. The other night (on Twitter), I asked if we could start using the word “Cardinaled” as a verb to mean “found a way to pathetically screw the pooch in a meaningful situation resulting in heart-breaking depression.” For example, “Man…you really Cardinaled that game, guys.” The Braves were begging us to take the Wild Card spot, we were losing to the worst team in the league after sweeping the Brewers and Braves and taking 3 of 4 from the Phillies…and I was bitter.

However…now I have to wonder…is “Cardinaling” a verb that should, instead, be used to mean something a bit more positive? Should it mean something along the lines of “rising up against all odds to prevail in the end (or at least give yourself a fighting chance where none was visible)”? Or perhaps even one a bit more deceiving in nature but ultimately positive…say…along the lines of a friendly hustle?

A quick case for each:

1. Cardinaled (negative) – TLR stuck with Franklin WAY too long in the closer role this year…and if we don’t make the playoffs, one could easily look to those blown saves as a primary reason we fell one game short. Along with that, multiple questionable bullpen moves left me scratching my head repeatedly. Albert started off hitting more like Tino Martinez than the Hall of Famer we’re used to seeing, wild and rare absences abound (appendectomy, shingles, surgery, moth-ear, etc.), and wonky trades that seem to be made more out of a desire to make sure everyone is happy at the party rather than securing a solid player at low-cost for years to come. Many, many more… (Example: “Man…you guys really Cardinaled that up.”)

2. Cardinaling (positive) – Despite all the funky things going on (rare absences/medical issues, feuding managers/players, etc.), the Cardinals fought all the way back to make a season of it. When fans and media alike were jumping ship, the players themselves kept grinding. When the time to light a fire had come and gone, the Cardinals created their own opportunity by putting together an amazing 30 days of baseball. They bucked the “finish weak” trend of the last few seasons and sucked it up to get ‘er done. They even lost Waino early and kept on truckin’. (Example: “That St. Louis baseball team is currently Cardinaling.” or “Dude…I thought you were screwed, but you sure are Cardinaling!”).

3. Cardinal (deceptively positive) – This whole season feels like a hustle. In the preseason, things looked good…bets up. Then, we lost Waino…bets down. Franklin starts out horribly…bets WAY down. K-Mac starts something nuts like 7-1 or somethin’…bets slightly up. Freak injuries and absences…bets plummet. Cards tank and odds are long coming into September…players walk away from the table. Then…PSYCHE!!! Cards pull it out. GAH! I feel like I got hustled, man. (Example: “Did you just Cardinal me?” or “Watch out for that guy…he’s a Cardinaler.”).

So…you decide. Vote for your preference below, and we’ll see if we can decide on the verb usage of the name of our favorite baseball team 😉

Oh…and enjoy the game tonight. It’s been a wild ride this year. Let’s hope it continues.



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