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Brew-HaHa: Brewers vs. Cardinals 8/2

A few quick hits (yeah…did that on purpose) on the Brewers/Cards game last night as I steel myself for the dental office with large cups of caffeine courage.

1. Jason Motte is a Stud. I’m so proud of Motte and his willingness to stand up for his team and protect his “mang” in that game last night. Tie game, emotional situation, and Motte drills the dude in the right way…in the back. And then he squares up and walks a few steps towards the plate like a man. I can’t stand it when pitchers do that and then try to avoid looking at the hitter they just hit.

2. Motte was fun to watch in the dugout after the hit. Sitting alone in the dugout, watching the game, face red from anger and effort…and then clapping and yelling support to the guys on the mound after him. Awesome.

3. Kudos to Prince Fielder. Of all the players on the Brewers squad I expected to “get it” and at least know how to handle the situation, Prince was not among them. First, he played the voice of reason and kept his team in the dugout to avoid a brawl. Second, after the game, he said this: “We’re here to win. All that fighting stuff is for the birds. We got the point. We hit Albert. They hit Braunie. Cool. Move on.”

That’s how you want to see a player of Fielder’s caliber handling it. Good job, Prince. Maybe you can teach Lucroy a thing or two.

4. Jonathon Lucroy is an Idiot. The Brewers’ catcher couldn’t resist showing his ass and calling the whole situation “ridiculous.” Guess what, Lucroy…you know what’s ridiculous? Consistently throwing up and in to a team’s best player without control in a pennant race. That crap has to stop. Maybe next time Tony can just politely place a call to Lucroy and ask him to tell his pitchers to lay off the high and inside hard stuff on Albert. …..Yeah…you’re right. That’s ridiculous.

You have to love it when a loud-mouthed athlete tries to speak on behalf of the rest of his team. In Lucroy’s case, it was: “That’s obviously on purpose. He definitely should have been thrown out. We all thought that, too.” (re: Motte hitting Braun). Hmmm…I wonder why the rest didn’t say so, then? Maybe because they don’t feel a need to make themselves a lightning rod in a thunderstorm? Idiot. (link to piece on Lucroy: CLICK HERE)

5. How did that guy get a press pass? The local sports talk radio guy from Milwaukee (really, that says it all right there) that confronted Tony La Russa should be banned from visiting clubhouses for the remainder of the season. Or maybe he should just find a more efficient way to get his point across on TV…you know…something like turning around, dropping his pants, and bending over in front of a Hall of Fame manager. That should do it.

(It should be mentioned, as Joe Strauss said on Twitter, the questions had to be asked…but professionalism, respect, and journalistic integrity was abandoned there. Whether you are a sports talk clown, a bona fide reporter, or a monkey in a scribe suit…when you have a press pass and you weasel yourself into an interview situation with an MLB manager on TV, all the integrity, professionalism, and respect expected of a major sports journalist is expected – whether you agree with it or not.)

6. The point is not retaliation but “a message.” For those of you who think TLR (or just Motte) was retaliating, think again. Tony’s sick of seeing people nearly injure Albert with dangerous pitches. Pitchers are throwing way too close to the guy with way too little accountability. The only way Tony has to get that to change is what Motte did with Braun. Was there anger and satisfaction involved? A little revenge? Absolutely. But that wasn’t the point. The point was simple. You’re putting our guy at risk. Stop it. And it wasn’t just a message to the Brewers. Other NL teams are paying attention.

7. All-in-all…stupid move to hit Braun last night. As satisfying as it was to watch, the decision (whether by Motte or Tony) was a stupid one. We’re fighting for the division in a key game against the team ahead of us in their stadium where they are insanely successful in a tie game in late innings……..and we hit a guy to lead-off the inning??? Come on. That’s just bad baseball. Get the out, send the message in the media in the post-game, and if it continues…then do it…in a better situation.

Putting Braun on there VERY nearly cost us the game. Ugly. I love the message…but I hate the timing.

8. Lance Lynn deserved Player of the Game from all Sponsors. I won’t rehash the situation again, but let’s not gloss over what Lynn did to save our asses last night. Bases loaded with no outs in an emotionally charged inning (game on the line)…and he allows nothing. No-thing. Studly. That was flat-out ball deep pitching.

9. Molina was out of line, but when is MLB going to step in here? Yadi never should have touched the ump (bill of hat, chest bump, etc.). He knows better, and he knows exactly what’s coming as a result…in a pennant race…in August. But come on…

MLB has GOT to address the umpire issue. It’s just gotten ridiculous. Drake had been inexcusable for 2 nights (Skip’s play the night before and the strike zone last night). And don’t believe the political peace-making. Drake had a horribly inconsistent zone all night. He had it coming. Oh…and the “OH! OH, my eye! OH! Please, Mr. Molina…stop spitting on me! OH! You pushed me!” act was funny to watch. Grow up and be a man, Drake. Sad. MLB has put this off too long. Umpires must be held accountable.

10. WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!!! That’s the best game of the season for the Cards (because we won). Furcal trade already paid off (if we don’t have him on that SS play, we lose that game…period). K-Mac in the pen paid off (which means Edwin Jackson trade contributed). Just…excellent game. Now, let’s just hope Albert can play today and Yadi doesn’t miss more than a couple of games with his suspension.


Would LOVE to write more…but gotta’ go to the witch doctor (I mean, dentist). Cards play the Brewers again today. Let’s finish this.


P.S. Don’t expect Tony La Russa’s “those idiots” comments in reference to a group of Brewers fans in Milwaukee to fly under the radar. Oops.


One thought on “Brew-HaHa: Brewers vs. Cardinals 8/2

  1. GO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Nick | August 3, 2011, 9:38 am

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