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UCB Weekend Awards!

You’ve all heard of the amazing-ness that was UCB Weekend in St. Louis…but here at Cards N Stuff, we’ve decided to go a step farther and recognize those who transcended the bounds of amazing-ness to achieve the rare air of….awesome-ness. We hereby dub these awards the first annual UCB Weekend Awards!

Most Official Looking:  Nick from “Pitchers Hit 8th” wins this award hands down. While other basement dwellers – myself included – looked like a rag-tag bunch of fans wearing jeans and MLB-licensed merchandise, Nick came to play with pressed khakis, a red polo, and shiny black dress shoes. For cryin’ out loud…his shirt was even tucked in!!! Honestly, he looked like he could’ve walked right through the executive office doors without a second glance. All he needs now is a fake press pass and a snappy lanyard. Congratulations on winning this year’s Most Official Looking UCB Weekend Award, Nick!

Most Official Sounding:  When it comes to bloggers, Bill Ivie’s voice has become synonymous with baseball blogtalk radio…that…and shameless self-promotion. While other bloggers contented themselves with nervous questions squeaked from quivering lips during the Q & A session with John Mozeliak, Bill decided to do his best Woodward and Bernstein impression and introduced himself with a steady, “Bill Ivie with i70baseball.com…” introduction. Clearly his intent was to sound like an official scribe stuck in the throng of giggling and pointing bloggers. It worked, Bill. Congratulations. You win the Most Official Sounding UCB Weekend Award.

Best Supporting Spouse:  While I would love to give this award to my own wife (she truly was a great help), the UCB Awards Committee has deemed her ineligible due to my own inclusion on the committee. Therefore, this award goes to Erika’s husband, John! With his uncanny resemblance to Matt Holliday (especially with the Holliday jersey and bald head), John posed for picture after picture with his “adoring fans” in the UCB. Sure, most of us would have gotten sick of it after the first two dozen shots, but John soldiered on with true  devotion. And don’t even get me started on the 2 1/2 mile urban hike he completed in search of a coveted David Freese jersey for his lovely wife. John…you truly are a spouse among spouses…and for that, you win this year’s Best Supporting Spouse UCB Weekend Award. Congratulations!

Most Excited to Be Here:  With a strong showing at this year’s awards show, the Erika/John combo (Jerika?) are bringing home yet another award as Erika easily snatches the Most Excited to Be Here achievement. Camera in hand, Erika greeted nearly everyone with a hug and a mini-photo shoot…while grinning ear to ear the whole time. Not much more to say…if you were there, you know what I mean. Erika brought the spunk and distributed it generously. Congratulations, Erika…you are this year’s Most Excited to Be Here UCB Weekend Award recipient! (stop jumping up and down…really…okay, go ahead)

Most Conspicuous Free-Loader:  Ann with @AerysSports walked into this year’s award with a strong, “I totally rigged this thing” announcement. Heard clearly stating several times over, “I totally piggy-backed into this thing…hehe…I’m a Blues writer,” many of us were left wondering…”What’s she doing here? I thought she was a hockey fan? Isn’t there a Blues game on later?” Most suspected Ann showed up for the free food and beer…a theory later confirmed by Ann herself as she revealed the following during a 20 minute impromptu speech on why hockey is better than baseball…except in St. Louis: “The way the Blues have been playing this season, I was starting to run out of beer money…I had to find a cheap way to get snookered…and this was it. Good brats, though.” Congratulations, @annabelle151…you win this year’s Most Conspicuous Free-Loader UCB Weekend Award!

All-Around Good Guy:  Geoff from Fox Sports Midwest won by a landslide. Not only did he sacrifice himself and his family by making sure @deckacards (me!) was too occupied at Pujols5 to bother anyone else (several UCB’ers were heard thanking him profusely), he later showed up in the suite with Jimmy “The Cat” Hays for a quick meet-n-greet. Atta’ guy, Geoff! You win the All-Around Good Guy UCB Weekend Award for 2011.

That’ll do it for this year’s show…be sure to check in later for more posts about UCB Weekend…and other stuff.



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