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A Cub Invasion…

Last season, in historic Yankee Stadium of old…the National League All-Star roster included no less than 8 Chicago Cubs (counting reserve 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez). Many were the result of overzealous Cubs fans hoping and praying this was their year. Others, like Carlos Zambrano, actually earned their way onto the team. And one, Kosuke Fukudome, won a spot simply because Japanese fans are allowed to vote – from Japan (a ridiculous practice that handicapped the team with his presence).

This year, the All-Star Game will be played at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I’ll say this simply and directly:  If Cardinals fans do not get off their posteriors and vote for Cardinal players, we will be subjected to an embarrassing invasion of Chicago Cub “All-Stars” in our own home stadium.

Last season, St. Louis had all of 2 representatives to the All-Star Game. Albert Pujols (who had to be placed on the roster by the manager! utterly asinine) and Ryan Ludwick. That’s it. Hell, people…we’re guaranteed at least 1!

Why did this happen? Because for whatever reason, Cardinal fans didn’t vote for their own team.

Now, usually, I’m not a fan of voting a player to the All-Star team because he plays for your home town team…but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ sit by and watch passive Cardinal fans allow our beloved Busch Stadium to be invaded by a bunch of Cubbies JUST because their fans are willing to vote and ours are not!!!

Wake up, Cards fans! This year, the All-Star Game is being hosted by your home town. Do you REALLY want to see 8 Cubs players running around Busch Stadium on national television? Before you answer, let me remind you…you’ll have to root for them! That’s right. Because the All-Star Game will determine home field advantage (and, more importantly, NL vs. AL bragging rights), you will actually have to root for Cubs players on the National League team…in Busch Stadium.

If we allow this to happen, how can we ever call ourselves Cardinals fans again?

So…this year, unless you want to watch a sickening display of Cubbie-fan loyalty prancing around the green grass of Busch Stadium as the home team, get out the vote! Vote for your Cardinals as All-Star representatives for the 2009 National League team…if for no other reason, than to prevent a Cub Invasion like we were forced to endure at Yankee Stadium in 2008.

And, in case you’re thinking, “Yeah…but who the hell do I vote for?”, here’s a few ideas:

Ryan Ludwick, RF
Yadier Molina, C
Albert Pujols, 1B
Chris Duncan, LF
(Dude…don’t laugh…if he continues to hit like this, there’s no telling where his #’s will be)
Skip Schumaker, 2B (if he hits well, it could happen…everyone team needs reserves…and it’s certainly no worse than Fukudome in the OF or Uggla’s Ugly performance at 2B last season)

And…if he can get hot and figure things out, don’t forget about Rick Ankiel in CF. How fun would it be to watch Ank gun down an American Leaguer at 3rd or home in the All-Star Game at Busch???

Of course, we don’t have much say in the pitchers that make the team, but the rest is fair game.

Come on, fans…don’t subject yourself to a 2009 Cub Invasion. Get out and vote…because I assure you, Cubs fans will…



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