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Jim Edmonds says “Thank You” for standing ovation from Cards fans

Jim Edmonds finally said “thank you” to Cardinals fans for giving him a respectful standing ovation upon his return to Busch Stadium back in July. From Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

When FSN’s Brent Stover and Claiborne (KTRS) approached Edmonds after the game for a quickie on-field interview that has become standard procedure for MLB rights holders, Edmonds blew them off and said:

“I’m (censored) done with St. Louis TV and radio and I’m (censored) done with the Cardinals.”

And then he walked into the Cubs dugout.

Later in the game, Edmonds homered twice off of Cards pitching – the only two runs for the Cubs until the 11th when the small bears finally won it – and made one of his spectacular diving grabs he’s become famous for in center field. After the first homer, Edmonds performed a dramatic and pointed flip of his bat directly towards the Cardinals dugout. After the second, a less dramatic but no less pointed flip of the bat in the same direction. Cubs fans promptly drooled over Jimmy and begged him for a curtain call – to which he more than graciously responded by stepping out of the dugout and waiving his little cap.

Can we finally let Jim Edmonds go? Can the Jimmy Baseball/Ballgame love-fest finally end?

Edmonds has moved on – why can’t we? He doesn’t want to be a Cardinal. He doesn’t want to be remembered as a Cardinal. He doesn’t want to be treated as a Cardinal. But he sure as hell wants you to keep frequenting his restaurant. He sure as hell wants you to keep fawning all over him like the second coming of Stan “The Man” Musial.

Edmonds makes some comments in Chicago, Tony gets upset, and the St. Louis media (and fans) call La Russa vindictive, stubborn, ridiculous, etc. Tony makes some comments in return, Edmonds gets upset, and the St. Louis media (and fans) scream, “Not us, Jimmy! Tony doesn’t speak for us!” The media accuses Tony of stoking the fire that burned hot enough already. But Jimmy…oh, no…he’s just trying to distance himself from the rival of his current team. He’s just trying to endear himself to the doubting Cubs fans and Chicago media. Totally understandable that Jimmy Baseball…stand up guy, he is…


I love Jim Edmonds as much as the next Cardinals fan – but let’s not act like toddlers here…Jim Edmonds is a Cub, and he’s absolutely acting like one. Let it go, fans…the man only wants to be associated with the Cardinals when it benefits him…such as receiving cheers and a standing ovation in Busch instead of boos and angry chants of “Jimmy Go Home! Jimmy Go Home!” or “Traaaaitor…Traaaaitor…”

Grow up, fans…move on…and the next time you see Jim Edmonds, try not to wet your pants with glee…after all, he’s “(censored) done with” you. In the immortal words of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, “Hate ‘im back. Works for me.”


One thought on “Jim Edmonds says “Thank You” for standing ovation from Cards fans

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    Posted by 心爱O | July 7, 2015, 9:07 am

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